It's Berkeley in the 1960s, and Martha Goldenthal's home life is a cauldron of kooky ideas, impossible demands, and explosive physical violence. Can she overcome her obstacles and make it to college? Shrug is the absorbing, harrowing, and ultimately uplifting story of one young woman’s journey toward independence.

"Moss takes achingly relatable teenage angst and subjects it to parents so off-the-rails that the explosive Berkley antics around the Vietnam War “outside” pale next to the domestic horror of the war at home…and then sets it to music. A book with a voice for generations, from Boomers to their grandchildren." -- RITA DRAGONETTE, AUTHOR, THE FOURTEENTH OF SEPTEMBER

"Moss's graceful prose brings you along on this poignant coming-of-age journey with pathos and humor. You'll reach the end with warm tears and a sigh of satisfaction." -- RIFKA KREITER, AUTHOR, HOME FREE: ADVENTURES OF A CHILD OF THE SIXTIES

"Shrug is a moving account of a teen’s determination to both love and survive her family while carving out a better future for herself. Once I began reading, I couldn’t put it down." -- LIZBETH MEREDITH, AUTHOR, PIECES OF ME: RESCUING MY KIDNAPPED DAUGHTERS

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Lisa Braver Moss

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