Book and music presentation, Celebrating Brit Shalom, 5/1/16

Video presentation: "The Jewish Roots of Anti-Circumcision Arguments," Second International Symposium on Circumcision, May 1991, S.F., CA

Litquake presentation about The Measure of His Grief, 10/8/10

Video presentation: "Non-circumcising Families in the Jewish Community," Genital Autonomy 2014 Conference, Boulder, CO

Kickstarter video for Celebrating Brit Shalom book and music project, 2014

Book event for Celebrating Brit Shalom, 5/21/15

Two-minute pitch about Celebrating Brit Shalom for Jewish Book Council network author event, NYC, 5/27/15

Lisa Braver Moss

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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- Brit Shalom Families in the Jewish community, 6/11/17

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